My Story

As an actress, singer, songwriter, poet, playwright, and author, Miracle Sims is quite the versatile talent. Born and raised in Jackson, Georgia, Miracle Sims was destined for the stage since childhood. While other children were saying the traditional Happy Easter, Everybody speech, a young Miracle was performing full length poems, but it was at Henderson Middle School that Miracle’s passion for entertainment blossomed. With drama club being excluded in the beginning of her high school years, the petite ingénue sought out other avenues to feed her drive. After enrolling in MidSummer Macon, a summer youth Performance Arts camp at Wesleyan College, for two years, Miracle’s talents began to gain notoriety. Receiving her Associate’s Degree in Theater at Gordon College in 2006, Miracle Sims has persevered the past nine years while pursuing a career in theater, film and music. In 2011 Miracle Sims dropped her independent four song pre-album titled I’m Good. The locally generated pre-album was embraced by the public, and it included a music video for the song Don’t Love Me. World X-treme Wrestler (WXW) Niya Barela utilized the song Same Old Thing as her entrance theme song. A fan made video of the album’s title I’m Good is proof positive of Miracle’s steadily growing fan base. Creatively driven and goal oriented, Miracle’s talents have unfurled across numerous cities. From the stages of Where Dreams Come True at Walt Disney World, portraying many of the world’s favorite characters, to establishing her own company, Miracle’s Plays her resume also includes over sixty theatrical performances, and counting! With a defiant, tireless drive, there is no doubt that Miracle Sims will leave her mark on the world. Music in her soul, and creativity in every step she takes, Miracle is the star to follow.


Miracle's Entrepreneurial  Endeavors


From Murder Mysteries to Custom Shows for ALL ages! Miracle Plays strives to bring your party to life!

Miracle of Wine

Inspired by the first Miracle

Miracle of Wine is an online Wine Boutique powered through Wine Shop at Home! 

Come for the Taste,Stay for the Lifestyle!

God, Sex,and Love

Miracle Sims is the host and creator of "God,Sex,and Love"!


"God,Sex,and Love" is a judgement free zone that creates opportunities to talk openly about God,Sex,Love and everything in between from the Christian perspective.

Color Street

Covid-19 Thrusted us all into unique,and interesting circumstances. As a new mom Miracle has been looking for ways to #HustleFromHome and Color Street has provided her another opportunity to do just that!

The great thing about Color Street is that you don't have to have great nail painting precision,and there's is no nail drying wait time!



From Murder Mysteries to Custom Shows for ALL ages! Miracle Plays strives to bring your party to life!



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